Welcome to the Smile Gallery, where we highlight the differences in appearance of teeth through before and after photographs.

Following 30 years of acidic drinks and stress-related clenching/grinding of his teeth, the chips, wear and discoloration of his old fillings are evident (left). The right side shows the long-term temporaries placed to restore his size, function and smile.

Sometimes, life deals us twists that means putting needed treatments aside (left). Fortunately, root canal therapy with a reinforcing post and composite build up can provide a satisfactory and esthetic transitional result.

Radiation and chemotherapy can create rapid and extensive destruction of the teeth (left). Following all-ceramic crowns on his upper teeth and composite fillings to build up his lower front teeth, a satisfactory smile and stable bite is the end result.

This fractured tooth was very sensitive to biting. A conservative porcelain onlay solved the problem in a single visit.

No matter how well placed, fillings wear out and sometimes, the tooth will fracture. A CEREC crown provided a fast, one visit repair for this broken bicuspid.

Both these lower left molars had large broken fillings that needed replacement. Porcelain onlays provided both the strength and comfort needed.

Over time, wear creates both an unaesthetic, and more importantly, an unstable occlusion. Composite buildups can provide an esthetic and functional interim restoration.

Kids can be, well, kids — and bang up their teeth. Fortunately, segments can often be bonded back into place allowing an esthetic, functional and long lasting restoration in just a few minutes.

Dentures will wear out. Fortunately, a new denture can restore facial fullness, be more attractive, and be easier to eat with.

Tooth loss can happen. Fortunately, implants can frequently be placed. A shaded Zirconia abutment has the appearance of a prepared natural tooth which allows a very esthetic replacement to be fabricated.

An athletic youth can lead to chipped and irregular teeth. Six Veneers can lead to a more youthful appearance and a healthier bite.

Fifteen-year-old restorations frequently show their age. New fillings, a crown, and a replacement bridge can produce a large increase in smiles.

Several decades old crowns and chipped teeth can provide the canvas for a functional rehabilitation that is also more esthetic.